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Product name Product info Price Wish list/Option
DAIHAN® Premium Pro-microcentrifuge Set “MaXpin C-12mt” , Max. 13,500rpm, 12,225×gWith Aluminum Die Casting Lid & Electronic Lid Lock System, Autoclavable PP Fixed Angle Rotor for 12×0.2-/0.5-/1.5-/2.0-㎖ Tubes프로-마이크로 원심분리기, 전자식 안전 도어 잠금 시스템, 앵글 로터 포함, 0.2/0.5㎖ 튜브 어댑터 포함 Sales code : DH20030300P0605
฿ 16,890
DAIHAN® 0.1~5Lit PREMIUM Rotary Vacuum Evaporator “Eva-05” , Vertical-type, 195mm Auto LiftingWith 2.5Lit Heating Bath(Option 5.5Lit Bath), Up to 200℃, Cooling Surface 1,600cm 2 , 10-Step Immersion Angle 1º~50ºand Automatic Reverse Rotation Function ; Clockwise or Counter Clockwise, 10~300rpm, 프리미엄 회전 진공 농축기 Sales code : DH20030300P1176
฿ 150,560
DAIHAN® 500℃ High-Temp Premium Hotplate “MaXtir TM HP500” , Solid Ceramic Glass Plate, 200×200mmWith Large LCD, Optimum Insulation Layer, Accurate Temp Control, Touch-button Controller, Hot-Top Indicator, Max. 500℃, Accu. ±0.3℃고온용 디지털 가열판, PID 온도 제어, 최적의 방열구조, 내열성 / 내화학성 / 내산성 솔리드 세라믹 글라스 플레이트 Sales code : DH20030300P1772
฿ 21,080
DAIHAN® 50 & 80kg Automatic Ice Maker, Snow-type “IMS” & Flake-type “IMF”With Fully Automatic System, Uniform Ice, Production & Storage, 아이스메이커 Sales code : DH20030300P1808
฿ 159,750
DAIHAN® 4~45℃ 20 Lit Mini-Low Temperature Incubator & Shaking Incubator “ThermoStable TM IR-20 & IRS-20”2-Step Programmable PID Controlled 0.1℃, Compact Design for Saving Space/Money, Ideal for Culture & Storage of Microorganism/CloneWith Cooling/Heating system of Peltier Element/Auto-Tuning/Safety Device, 저온 미니-배양기 & 진탕 배양기, 20Lit, 4~45℃/0.1℃ Sales code : DH20030300P1812
฿ 40,860
80Lit Under-bench Smart-Lab TM ULT Freezer “UniFreez TM UND80” , Class-Ⅱ Medical Device(NIDS), -86℃~-65℃ NEWNon-Freon Refrigerants, Compact, Stackable, 1,065×722×h612mm, 언더벤치 초저온 냉동고, 적재사용 가능, 친환경 냉매 채용 Sales code : DH20030300P2485
฿ 0
DAIHAN® Hi-performance Multifunction Vortex Mixer-set “MaXshake TM VM30” , 3,300rpm, with Certi. & TraceabilityWith Φ76mm(3inch) Platform Head & Pop-off Cup Head, Variable Speed Control, Continuous or Touch-on Mixing다용도 볼텍스 믹서, 다양한 속도 조절, 인체공학적 디자인 적용, 강력하고 안정된 동작과 저소음 Sales code : DH20030300P2665
฿ 7,630
Wisd 120×120 Mini Hi-Quality Digital Magnetic Stirrer “MS-12D” , Max. 2,500rpmWith Tempered Glass Plate & PP Housing, BLDC-motor, Digital LED Display, Waterproof, Max. 2Lit(H 2 O), 소형 디지털 자력교반기 Sales code : DH20030300P2886
฿ 4,600
Wisd 180×180 Midi Hi-Quality Digital Magnetic Stirrer “MS-18D” , Max. 2,500rpmWith Tempered Glass Plate & PP Housing, BLDC-motor, Digital LED Display, Waterproof, Max. 5Lit(H 2 O), 미디 디지털 자력교반기 Sales code : DH20030300P2887
฿ 5,200
DAIHAN® PREMIUM Hi-Speed Overhead Stirrer “OVS-S05” , with Hi-Capacity BLDC-motor, 2:1, Max. 3,000rpmWith Torque(Ncm)·Viscosity(mPas)·Temperature(℃)·Real Time Display, Optional Remote Control, 50,000mPas, Max. 100Lit“Push-Through” Shaft(Φ10mm or Less), 프리미엄 고속 교반기, 저/중점도용, 고사양 BLDC-motor, 토크 · 점도 · 온도 표시기능 Sales code : DH20030300P2897
฿ 49,780
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