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DAIHAN-brand® Digital General Purpose Water Bath, “WB”, 6-/11-/22- Lit, up to 100℃, ±0.1℃, CE-Certi. with Digital Fuzzy Control System, 1×Stainless-steel Flat Lid, and Back Light LCD, with Certi. & Traceability 정밀 범용 항온수조, 디지털 퍼지 제어 시스템, 스텐리스 스틸 리드 포함 Sales code : DH18CAT00630168
฿ 14,900
DAIHAN-brand® High performance Mini-microcentrifuge Set, “CF-5”, Max. 5,500 rpm, with Certi. & Traceability with Circular Fixed-Angle Rotor for 6×0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0㎖ Tubes and Strip Rotor for 2×0.2㎖ PCR 8-tubes Strips/16×0.2㎖ PCR Tubes 미니-마이크로 원심분리기 셋트, 앵글-/스트립-로터 포함, 0.2/0.5㎖ 튜브 아답터 포함 Sales code : DH18CAT01940563
฿ 4,100
JetBiofil® Syringe Driven Filters, Sterilized Individually Package & Non-Sterilized Bulk Package, Available with 5 Membrane-types with PP Housing, Non-pyrogenic Quality Traceable, Multi-used for Membrane, 멸균 & 비멸균 시린지 필터 Sales code : DH18CAT04201226
฿ 2,040
DURAN® Hi-grade Batch-certificated Standard Erlenmeyer Flasks, Narrow-neck or Wide-neck, 25?5000㎖ with Graduation, Boro-glass 3.3, DIN/ISO/UPS, 표준형 삼각 플라스크 Sales code : DH18CAT04291244
฿ 110
DAIHAN-brand® 1,000℃ Programmable Digital Muffle Furnaces, “FX”, Exposed Heating Elements-type with Digital PID Control, Short Heat-up Time, Ceramic Fiber, 4-Side Heating, with Ceramic Fiber Plate, 3~63 Lit 디지털 전기로, 디지털 PID 컨트롤 시스템, 4면 가열 방식, 히터 노출형 Sales code : DH18CAT04961445
฿ 55,100
DAIHAN-brand® Aluminium-case Flask Heating Mantles, (1) Basic & (2) Stirring -type, 450℃, 50~20,000㎖ with Built-in Temp Controller, with/without Mag-stir Speed Control, with Certi. & Traceability 라운드플라스크용 히팅맨틀, 온도 조절기 내장“, 기본형” 및“ 자석교반형”, Ni-Cr열선 내장 Sales code : DH18CAT05801669
฿ 3,400
DAIHAN-brand® Homogenizer with Remote Digital Controller, “HG-15D”, 2,000~27,000rpm with Microprocessor Digital-Control, High-Efficiency Dispersing Tools, Back Light LCD, 1~2,500㎖ 디지털 균질기 / 호모게나이저, 분리형 리모트 컨트롤러, 초고속/저소음 모터 Sales code : DH18CAT06101754
฿ 23,600
DAIHAN-brand® New 500℃ Hi-Temp. Hotplate Stirrers, “MaXtirTM MSH500”, Solid Ceramic Glass Plate, 200×200mm with Large LCD, Optimum Insulation Layer. Accurate Temp. Control, Touch-button Controller, Hot-Top Indicator, Max. 500℃, Accu. ±0.3℃ 고온용 디지털 가열 자력 교반기, 최적의 방열구조, 디지털 피드백 온도 제어, 내열성/내화학성/내산성 솔리드 세라믹 글라스 플레이트 Sales code : DH18CAT06221768
฿ 19,700
DAIHAN-brand® 350℃ Systematic Multi-Hotplate Stirrers, 3- or 6- Places, “SMHS”, Ceramic-Coated Plates with Digital Feedback Control, Independent Heating & Stirring Control, up to 350℃, 80~1,500 rpm 멀티 가열 자력 교반기, 우수한 온도균일성, 3- or 6- 구 개별 조절 가능 Sales code : DH18CAT06251771
฿ 27,500
DAIHAN-brand® Forced-air Incubators, “ThermoStableTM IF”, 3-Side Heating Zone, 50-/105-/155 Lit. With 2×Wire Shelves/Digital PID Control/Jog-Dial & Push Button/Digital LCD/Backlight/Certi. & Traceability, up to 70℃, ±0.2℃ 강제 순환식 배양기/인큐베이터, 디지털 퍼지 컨트롤, 우수한 온도균일성 Sales code : DH18CAT06421807
฿ 39,600
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